A few words about us

ASKADA farm was established with love and respect to the special variety of figs that grow in this particular place in Greece, Kymi, Evia island.

Over the past few years we have been operating a fig farm beside Melas river, close to the village Andronianoi, which is dedicated in organic cultivation and committed to offering you the unique taste of these precious figs.

Just in this very place in Greece can be found the trees that give birth to such fruits with delicate skin and remarkable taste, along with the unique process we follow to dehydrate them. We follow the traditional dehydrating method, used in Kymi for centuries.

For us, “traditional” is of value as soon as it is accompanied by the primordial principles of collaboration, co-operation and respect for nature and humans.
Every year in August, a group of people becomes a company that unites its forces to produce the ASKADA fig. The fig of Kymi.

We handle each fig with such care, both in production and during development, that we feel proud for what we produce.

Our premium organic figs is the main ingredient for all our artisanal gourmet products, that combine both inspiration and culinary culture with a healthy aspect.