The unique process

Sundried figs of Kymi, is a quality product, one of the first to be certified with a PDO brand by the European Union for not only the geographical zone of the trees, but also the unique process followed.

We do carefully collect the ripe figs by hand, and only if they have attained full ripeness. This happens around the end of August, and we do it sometimes more than twice a day.
Following the ancient tradition to the letter, we cut the tiny stalk with a scissor and then cut each and every one fig in halves!
That way we make sure that the fig is clean inside, and shall have.

The next step is to bring the inside out.

Once openhearted, we place them under the sun to slowly dry and absorb all the beams of the Mediterranean light.

The exact time that they are fully sundried, we combine two same-sized figs by pressing them together.

That way we create the “ASKADA”, which locally means the final shape of two sundried figs opened and pressed together, becoming one.